INVEST is a new initiative that is central to New Wine’s growing commitment to identify, raise up and release young leaders with all they need to passionately pursue God’s call on their life as a follower of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

INVEST is about younger leaders walking alongside older leaders, who will champion them in their God-given gifts and encourage them to step out into the adventure of God’s specific call on their life to advance God’s kingdom in the world today.

INVEST is specifically aimed at young adults under 30, who are already demonstrating a growing desire to lead by serving in their local church. INVEST is for both volunteer leaders and those who find themselves working on the staff team of a church. But INVEST is not just about young leaders in the local church; it is also for young women and men God is calling and sending out to lead in the fields of business, education, healthcare and the community, and who are hungry to see a transformation in our nation through leaders who are living out a Kingdom vision with Christ-like character in their workplace.

INVEST is for the risk taker and the radical Jesus follower – those who have a holy discontent for the way things currently are in the world.

INVEST is for you if you are desperate to see your generation reached with the extravagant, unconditional life-changing love of God. INVEST is for you if you want to be relentless in your pursuit to see your friends and work mates come to a personal faith in Jesus and realise that there needs to be a new paradigm in the Church and our culture that is relentlessly passionate in its pursuit for the Kingdom of God to break in.