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It is a complete joy — though a massive challenge too — to be working in Leicester and seeing God move in our city. We are praying and believing for revival and are already seeing many signs of it right before our eyes. Unity between churches and Christian groups is happening at every level: in leadership, amongst youth workers, students, worship teams and in numerous outreach ministries. We waste time when we compete instead of seeing ourselves as one team. When we change our perspective, the goals scored rack up at an incredible pace. (Football is obviously a very popular topic for us in Leicester at the moment!)

As well as witnessing the power of unity, in the last two years particularly I have personally learnt many other things about how God’s kingdom works. I have come to know how close he can feel and that he always, always has something to say to us. The strategies, creativity and wisdom that flow out of time spent with him are amazing, and this is the only way we will truly see life in the church.

I have had the joy of leading a worship team through a transitional time. We have moved from just singing as a routine thing to understanding more and more how worship is one of the most important environments in which to encounter God. We now have monthly extended ‘Late Night Worship’ which is drawing more and more people. We are writing and recording home-grown songs, and launched our first EP in March.

We are also learning more about how the prophetic and worship work together, and how we journey with people in a way which enables them to focus totally on the throne of God and nothing else.

This past year has also been a time when I have seen God use me outside the four walls of the church in ways I haven’t experienced before. For the first time, I led someone to Christ, sharing my faith with them, walking alongside them and eventually praying the prayer with them and seeing them get baptised. This was incredible and has made me hungry to see my other friends come to faith. If you don’t already have three people you are praying for every day then I really encourage you start this!

As well as all of this, I have been using my skills in music to reach out in the city. Some lads from church and I have a band called ‘Once Vagrant Souls’ and we have been gigging in Leicester for over a year now. We have recorded two songs, made a music video, and are now in the final of a local competition. We have met people we wouldn’t otherwise have met and we pray before our gigs because we intentionally want to bring God’s presence into these quite dark venues. It’s reached a point where I feel we may soon go a step further and start a more overt ministry in the music scene, which is very exciting!

God is good and he has amazing plans for our generation. We just need to keep grabbing hold of them day by day.

David Lewis

David is the Worship Leader and Discipleship Year hub leader at Holy Trinity Church Leicester — the church where he grew up. After studying Film and English Literature at Oxford Brookes Uni, he did a worship internship at St Aldate’s Church before studying for another year at the Oxford Centre of Christian Apologetics. He enjoys reading, movies, rugby and songwriting, as well as gigging with his band. David has been married to his wife Hannah for two and a half years and their first child is due in May.

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